Residential Services

Home Heating and Cooling Repairs and Installations Tailored To Your Needs

A failing furnace or air conditioner in your home is never a pleasant experience, but having the right residential HVAC contractor makes all the difference. Summit Mechanical in Oklahoma City serves the entire state of Oklahoma with fast and efficient repairs that get your equipment back up and running in no time.

Save Money through Quality HVAC Maintenance and Inspections

Don’t take chances with your heating and cooling equipment. Keep them safe and fully functional to prevent dangers like gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and electrical hazards.

Avoid high repair costs. Have your HVAC equipment inspected and maintained on a regular basis. You can call us anytime for an inspection or to set up a schedule.

A reduction in equipment performance also affects your utility bills, the comfort of the home, and even the life of the unit. We can thoroughly inspect your equipment to ensure it is running in optimal condition. For new installations, we tailor our services to your individual needs while fulfilling your home’s demands.

Don’t let your HVAC equipment cause you higher utility bills or higher repair expenses later.

Residential Furnace and Air Conditioner Installations and Repairs

For any residential HVAC repairs you need, we are just a call away! We’ve got everything to get the job done fast and efficiently. We replace condensers, coils, electrical components, switches, sensors, heating elements, and tons of other parts using quality replacements designed for your specific equipment.

Residential HVAC Maintenance Services

To keep your home heating and cooling equipment fully functional and to save energy,

we offer a complete line of HVAC maintenance services, including scheduled inspections, on-call inspections, duct-cleaning services, and lots more.

Get Customized Services for any Type and Size of Dwelling

Whether you have a single family home, a farmhouse, a cabin, a multi-level home, or any other type of residential property, we prove serviceswith quality parts and dependable materials! We also repair and install furnaces and air conditioners in apartments, condominiums, hotels, and more. See our commercial HVAC services for those types of properties.

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