Fast and Professional Refrigeration Contractors in Oklahoma City

When refrigeration problems arise, it costs your business money through unfortunate waste disposal and losses from markdowns.

For restaurants, it can limit your food supply.

For retail stores, it can hinder business sales while costing more in waste.

Don’t let your refrigeration equipment cost you significant losses.

Summit Mechanical, LLC in Oklahoma City serves businesses in Lawton, Moore, Tulsa, Norman, Stillwater, Edmond and everywhere else in the state of Oklahoma.

Yes, we serve the entire state of Oklahoma!

Our dependable repair services also apply to many other commercial

refrigeration products, including:

  • Walk-in coolers and cooler rooms
  • Upright retail freezers and refrigerators
  • Door freezers
  • Walk-in freezers
  • Glass window coolers
  • Display coolers
  • And many other types of refrigeration products you need for your commercial building

Free Consultations on Refrigeration Planning and Design

For new construction projects or major renovations, we offer detailed refrigeration planning and design services and can also

handle the installation process. Scheduled maintenance services are available to keep your equipment in superior condition.


Companies We Have Worked With on Their Refrigeration Projects

We cover everything from design and planning to installation and maintenance and have done so for many valued clients.

  • Hideaway Pizza

  • Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa

  • Fuzzy’s Taco Shop 

  • The Bunker Room

  • Crossing’s School

  • 7 Clans Paradise Casino

  • Tucker’s Onion Burgers

  • Lake Murray Lodge

  • Swadley’s BBQ

  • Andy’s Altitude

  • Fassler Hall

  • Wild Turkey Finer Wine & Spirits

  • Republic Gastropub II

  • Ioway Casino in Chandler

  • Mid Del Schools

  • Heff’s Burgers in Lawton

  • Edmond Meals on Wheels

  • Jones Assembly

  • The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

  • The Collective 

  •  Neighborhood JAM

  •  Deli Express

  •  Alfredo’s in Moore

  •  And More

Keep Equipment in Optimal Condition with Our Refrigeration Maintenance Service

Refrigeration components with reduced performance or failing characteristics can lead to more expensive repairs. Other parts can depend greatly on their capability to work properly. Stop the damage before it causes more trouble by scheduling regular refrigeration maintenance and inspections. We thoroughly diagnose, test, inspect, and repair any failing parts before the damage becomes a bigger problem.

Refrigeration Product and Equipment Sales

For those that have their own refrigeration technicians and specialists, we offer a wide selection of refrigeration products and equipment to get your units functioning again.

Committed to excellence. Guaranteed Results.

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Summit Mechanical, LLC

Summit Mechanical, LLC is a locally owned and operated company. We specialize in all aspects of Refrigeration and HVAC, Sales, Installations, Service and Maintenance.