Planning & Design

Residential HVAC Design and Planning Services for New Homes and Renovations

Summit Mechanical in Oklahoma City is more than just a heating and cooling repair company. We want to be your one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs, including:

  • Heating and cooling repairs and installations
  • HVAC Design and planning
  • Furnace and air conditioning maintenance and inspections

Custom Heating and Cooling Designs for Any Type of Home

Whether you need your HVAC system designed for a two-story home, ranch home, mobile home, or even a garage, we can design it, provide the equipment, and install it in one package. Home renovations work the same way. Call us for more information.

Combine Energy Savings with Quality Performance

The layout and distribution of your heating and cooling vents and ducts can make or break energy efficiency and affect comfort. We review your future or existing home’s layout to ensure your future ventilation design incorporates maximum air flow distribution and delivers efficiency that keeps all your rooms comfortable all year round.

Committed to excellence. Guaranteed Results.

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Summit Mechanical, LLC

Summit Mechanical, LLC is a locally owned and operated company. We specialize in all aspects of Refrigeration and HVAC, Sales, Installations, Service and Maintenance.