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Refrigeration Consulting, Planning, and Design

Commercial refrigeration design and planning phases during new construction projects require an experienced refrigeration services company. Every detail is important and the design must integrate seamlessly with the building to provide maximum performance and increase energy efficiency. Let Summit Mechanical, LLC in Oklahoma City plan and design your refrigeration needs to best suit your business and ensure the job is done 100% correctly and reliably.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS on all commercial refrigeration services to determine your

options, fulfill your preferences, and work within a budget you can afford.

Walk-in coolers and freezers

We help you design and plan your walk-in coolers to best suit your needs within a budget you can afford, including walk-in freezers, walk-in refrigerators or refrigeration rooms. Add a room to an existing building, incorporate one into the new construction, and more. We’ve designed and installed projects from small freezer rooms for restaurants to warehouse quality refrigeration systems that include forklift entrances.

Upright Freezer Units

Renovate your grocery store or supermarket with high-quality, energy-efficient upright freezer cases that are easy to stock and easy to sell frozen foods. We help design and plan your layouts, determine sizes, ensure code compliance, strategically plan all power distribution and refrigerant lines, and more.

Upright Retail Refrigerators

Aside from quality, fast commercial refrigerator repair services, we plan and design upright retail coolers to maximize energy efficiency, sales, and safety. Choose your sizes, design, your aisle layout, door design, and more.


Walk-in Freezers

Need to add a walk-in freezer to your establishment or incorporate one into your new construction project?  Summit Mechanical has everything you need and the options you demand. We can custom design and build entry freezers to suit your everyday demands and ensure long life and dependability.

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