Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs and Safety Hazards through Scheduled Maintenance

Summit Mechanical in Oklahoma City, OK has helped numerous companies reduce their heating and cooling repair expenses by deliveringaffordable, detailedHVAC inspection services.

Advantages of Routine Maintenance

  • Control utility expenses
  • Maintain product efficiency
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Protect against business interruptions
  • Help your HVAC systems last longer
  • Protect building from gas leaks, electrical hazards,carbon monoxide, & more

Wear and tear puts a lot of strain on existing furnace and air conditioning units,and all associated products,so it is important to inspect them routinely for proper performance and functionality.

Getaffordable heating and cooling inspections that include:

  • Filter replacements for cleaner air and better airflow
  • Duct cleaning for better efficiency
  • Blower motor lubrication to extend its life
  • Blower belt replacements for better air flow
  • Wiring connection inspections for secured circuits
  • Return vent cleaning for efficient operation
  • Condenser inspections for performance and reliability
  • Coil cleaning and inspections
  • Oil filter replacements
  • Valve testing for leaks and functionality
  • Furnace blower timing adjustments
  • And many other detailed inspection elements


Summit Mechanical inspects all components to make sure they function properly, run optimally, and maintain a safe environment.

Our certified, licensed HVAC technicians run tests and diagnostics, check for loose or burnt wiring, inspect connections, measure air flow, and more. We treat your commercial building like it is our own, meaning that we care enough to be 100% sure as best as we can that your equipment will save you energy, provide reliable comfort, and last for years. We also offer commercial HVAC installations and HVAC design and planning.

Summit Mechanical does not ignore an issue to make more money later when it causes more problems, nor do we skim over your equipment and charge you for full inspections.

We have worked hard for years to maintain trust and reliability with our clients and we will continue to do just that!

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